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Why Our Dogs Are Different

The cultivation of  ALL our amazing K9’s start at just 3 days old. We perform the military proven "Super Dog" program (Early Neurological Stimulation) on all our puppies. This gives them an amazing start to life, a higher adrenal gland production, more consistent heart rate and a calmer more trusting demeanor. 


We  include ESI,  (Early Scent Introduction) along with  introductions to many different surfaces and sounds.

Our puppies  are  microchipped  and have age-appropriate immunizations and deworming, health documents,

transition care package,  new owner information packet and lifetime breeder support. Because our puppies live indoors, we start on kennel and potty-training long before they leave for their new homes.

Belgian Malinois Hybrids
German Shepherd 

The Malinois X/Shepinois hybrid canine is the result of breeding a Belgian Malinois with a German Shepherd Dog

 They are great family dogs! This hardy, fun-loving, devoted and hardworking dog will fit into your lifestyle as long as you are firmly in control. You get the tenacity of the Malinois and the easygoing nature of the German Shepherd. The breed is level-headed, energetic, loyal, and protective.


They are curious and busy and like having a job to do. Otherwise, they will find one for themselves. If you have energy to burn and a lifestyle to match, a Malinois X/Shepinois can be a wonderful companion!

With early socialization, your hybrid will get along great with children and other animals. They will be protective of the children and other human family members, though she could become a bit territorial with pets and other dogs. Raising her with other dogs and pets will help to modify this trait. They are a phenomenal watchdog and will alert you of the presence of strangers, inside the house or out.

Belgian Malinois & Dutch Shepherds

As breeds go, the Belgian Malinois Dog and Dutch Shepherd could very well be the best guard and worker in the canine kingdom. Bred to be a herder, these dogs can take on a multitude of jobs, and they are the favorites among military and law enforcement personnel.


Protective, strong and territorial, they make an excellent protection dog. These dogs are alert and loyal, yet very loving. You wouldn't normally think that these traits would go together, but the Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd not only make a great guard and protection dogs but also  loving family companions.  Like the above hybrid, they need early socialization, experienced training, lots of exercise  and a job to do!

This being said, as intelligent dogs, the Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd can be trained into a perfect family dog; however, it does need to be paired with a suitable family. Ideally an active family, with a strong leader who has the time and knowledge to train these dogs properly. 

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